Jul 29, 2012


there must be something behind all this..
i have know idea how to accept all this when everything that is given to me is about a lie.. is there is no true thing is this world,in this life..? *wondering*
i know i should never blame the faith,the things that is written for me in my whole life till my last breath..
i just can't even think about it..!
am i to bad to live in this world,to breath equally like the others..
i really have no idea which part did i miss until i have to get through a kind of toughest one..

i'm not that strong..
my strength had gone..
or maybe i had laugh so hard until i never realise that the laugh will gave me the most sad life in return..
i don't know !
i just can leave everything to Allah and try to live even i had fail in trying..
maybe the glory is not by today but the day when Allah think that i deserve to feel it..
if there is no one out there willing to do everything for me then i pray and willing to do everything to avoid from meeting people and approach them..
life is do hard ! 
If Allah wills it one day i will never drop even a tear for anything that happen in my life bcause i'm not strong enough to face all this right now..

Jul 28, 2012

push it to the other side

this is some kind of stressful decision and condition..
i'm in between !
i need someone to help me to figure out this matter and first time in my whole life i called it as a serious one.. and is this SERIOUS ?!!
i am not a big girl yet mummy ! sorry if i always put everything on you and leave evrything for you to handle alone it just i don't want to argue with you.. i know i never want to listen for any of your suggestion.. it doesn't mean i'm disobey you,i just aim for my ambition and if the course that is given to me didn't ensure me to work in hospital,curing as my life as i could i'll refuse to accept it mum.. i know its hard for you but without you knowing it is also killing me.. i will never ever could concentrate during my lecture..

and i want to say thanks for applying the private university for me and its really meant to me..
and now i don't want to take back my words..
the interview is on 30th.july and i have only two days start from this second..
my heart beat faster now and i just have to wait till that moment gone so i could exhale perfectly..
the truth is i need a hug right now ! *faint

Jul 22, 2012

great stuff !

okey ! this is kind of cool !
i've been looking at this for too long and finally i'd got it..
red always be my favourite ! 
once i wore you at my feet felt like i won't take you off..
*triple thumbs up 

Jul 20, 2012

you can fly..?


something fabulous be a part of our family now..
sugar glider !
but it is not mine..its belong to my sister..
she have a pair.. ~the end~

Jul 16, 2012

something to get off my mind !

now i feel like i must find for another way out..!
but until now i don't even get any idea how..
everyone said that i must accept it and just give it try
HELLO ! that is soo not a try let me tell you it is such a waste !
i do not want to waste 3 years just to attend the class and lecture that i don't even want to..
mine is all about being at the hospital either work as a doctor or maybe a pharmacist..

i never doubt the thing that is given to me..
i accept it as sustenance but what is the used if after all this year i haven't get enough sleep just want to get a better result and i'd got it but the course that i ever wanted i don't even get it.. was it fair ?

that is soo unfair !
right now i can't think briefly !
here the result from UPU fucking shit system for student intake !

Jul 7, 2012

a trip

 wwooouuuhhh !
what a fantastic planning..
it start with just a fast conversation between us,an approaching after a long time haven't been contact each other..
finally now we already at KUALA LUMPUR enjoying our trip together..
thursday night we speed up our car and get away from the place name INDERA MAHKOTA..
okey feeling soo tired to write the news for this while so i leave it to photo to tell all of you.. gudnite ~