May 29, 2012

the end forever

thank You ALLAH !
this blessing Tuesday the first thing i saw right after i woke up from the couch is my final result for the very final semester in matriculation program..
i open up my eyes,
stand up properly,
looking for my laptop and connect the broadband..
the first name i've type at the google search was f.a.c.e.b.o.o.k..
the reason why i'm looking for this web is just to know how many people has know their result..
then i ask one of my classmate the official account to know for my result..
my heart beat faster and faster until it is successfully connected..
finally everything gave me a good and great fortune..
thank You ALLAH..
i haven't waste every second in my life for the whole program in matriculation..

May 23, 2012

thump ! thump ! thump !

okey what noise is that ?
wondering where does it came from..?
its from the inside of my chest and what makes it produces that such a loud one..?
let me tell you..
6 more days to go for me to know how much effort that i had spend for the whole second semester..
but after everything that i had done after everything that i had sacrificed ,now i can able to leave it to ALLAH and pray because only ALLAH ALMIGHTY..
insyaallah ALLAH will always be there..
there's a boy who come between my way and tell me that he loves me !

we work at the same place but different department..
he wants to look after me for all the time and say that he never want to let go of me..
and he kinda cute hard to deny.. FULLSTOP !

May 19, 2012

part time job !

halloo !
busiest life ever..
work,work and work..
my beat hear for the corn popping in the warmer
when i stare upon the popcorn i feel like i want to swim in it so i could kill two bidr with one stone..

*frozen kit kat,my new recipes
YEAH ! and this is the bored me..
sitting alone at the place that known as satelite..
this is the thing that i'm able to do if there is nothing left to say..
no much idea to write ! gudbye~

May 16, 2012

got sumthing to be given out !

Thank You ALLAH..
12 days been working from 10 o'clock in the morning till midnight..
i had earn RM 400++
and yesterday evening i had spend a few of it for sumthing special for someone special..
not much word to say just want to express the impress..

green color handbag by POLO
words printed wallet by RUCINI
lovely TRENDY ME perfume by SILKY GIRL
big gift box by MISS T


the earth is spinning makes the time is moving and our life goes as it is..
unconsciously we living in this end of century but never thought how many years more for this little world will end its day..
being love with someone make us be much more confident to stay on with our own life but fall in love couldn't guarantee us to be in right feeling all the time because the person that we thinking of still not ours until we have a confident to speak of our feeling..
then,it is what we call a risk !
we like someone and it doesn't mean the person we like will feel the same..
we will never get the luck in everything we do because its more to faith..
i'm wondering when my life will be  as lucky as the one who had owned everything in their life at my age.. why i'm not chosen to be one of them..
when someone want to know me it will never last..
i have no idea which part did i missed..?!
i need a strength to breath in right,
i need someone that appreciate my existence other than my own family and close friend,
i need a shoulder where i could borrow when i'm in need, 
i need one arms to catch me whenever and wherever i fall
i need the one who knows when i cry because i'm a type of person who will cry on my own and be in silent when i'm in trouble..
but i believe the time will come and he will realize that i was around without speak a word of mine..

May 14, 2012

a gift for "A GIFT" !

since today was already 14th.may.2012,then i had miss the biggest day for my beloved mum which is 'MOTHER'S DAY'..
everyone know yesterday was the day and every members of GSC know that yesterday also the day they got a pay for their job but for me and maybe a few more still didn't take for a cash..
planning to buy sumthing for my mum but since there is no enough money in my pocket i had to cancel all of it but today's evening i'll fulfill all the thing,set it up in the huge box and a hand-made card(in progress) on top of it and her fav chocolate.. can't wait to see the perfect ending of it.. i'm goin' to make the greatest mother's day ever in her whole life for this while..actually i'm planning to baked for a heart shape chocolate chip's cookies but    the time didn't gave me a favour to do it..

here some ideas :
1.explore for a cute handbag
2.looking for a perfect shoes
3.wrap it with a beautiful wrapping paper
4.chocolate from FAMOUS AMOS(delivery to her office)*great !

just FYI....