Jun 25, 2015

favourite place

Peace to be upon my Muslims readers and good evening all..!

June arrived and its a holy month of Ramadhan. There's no excuses for kids out there not to fasting since Ramadhan this year is in the middle of the year and no holiday yet for them. Let me tell ya a bit of my childhood memories. When it comes to Ramadhan every year,as far as I remember I was like 8-12 year of age, the only thing I loves is performing 'Terawih' prayer at the nearest mosque with my childhood friends. Damn it was fun.! Totally.!

Tbh,we're not really went there to pray we were there just to play instead. But not for the whole 3 hours. When it comes to the last rakaat we will suddenly be at the very back row where none of the adult noticed us gone since the first rakaat. We ran like crazy from the playground which is only besides the mosque back in to the saf just to pretend that we're performing the shalat. Well,kids..! We love to play around.
At least I've got something for me to remember about my childhood. Awesome.! A perfect word to define it.

Now,I'm already 22 and there's no way I will do such things I did when I was a kid even though I miss doing it sometimes. *giggling*

Ouh,I forgot to tell that I've passed..! heyy people I've passed my first MBBS professional examination. MBBS..? well I also do not know what does MBBS stand for but Alhamdulillah.. Maybe Mr.Google can explain a way better than I could if you ask what is the meaning of MBBS. Just saying..! Technically, I'm free for a month and half. I will spent the whole fasting month at home in Kuantan which is I love it so so much. I also need to reset back my biological clock and remind myself that when night comes,its time to sleep. Still trying because I've fucked it up for more than a month back. Since,I'm in a holiday mood so I've got a lot of time for myself, do my own things and be in my own world. I didn't always being alone because I love talking and laughing but since I've pleased people for quite long,longer than I please myself, I guess its time to be alone for a while.

*running to the toilet*
Sorry for the delay.
Okay. Where are we again..? Holiday..! yeayyy for me again. Since its Ramadhan and I'm fasting from a first day so I've decided to make my everyday not a lazy day. Started from an early breakfast then as usual I went back to sleep after I finished read a few pages of "Safe Haven" book. I woke up around 11 or 12 and I went to check out the town if I ever missed anything or any road. Usually I will ended up my journey to the one and only beach in kuantan called Teluk Cempedak. Its already day 7th of Ramadhan and I always had my Iftar outside or at my grandma's house. After I done with everything I will get back to my normal routine which is reading. I read and I get bored so I grabbed my guitar and plugged it like I know how to play. For me as long as you know how to strum and know the chords you've already passed the basics. Haha.

3 o'clock in the morning.
I will changed my pajamas to a sport attire and work my ass off to be in shape. Fasting month not gonna stop me from working out. Okay I think that's all from me for the things that I constantly do since a first day I got home. Happy Ramadhan fella..!