Feb 26, 2012


what the hell is happening to my INBOX..
all the list have been filled with all the unneccessary things..shhuuhh,sshhhuuu..
it will took more than a year to get it into the trash..
even if i spend my whole night just focus on deleting all that 'rubbish' still i couldn't make it to lower down the number of the unread mail..

Feb 25, 2012

stay up snack

70% +30%=100%
all this numbers indicate the major and minor things that we going to discuss for tonite event..
since i'm already home after more than 2 days i haven't been home so looks like i'm not going to keep my eyes close..i want to make sure that i'll left my house all together with my toasty with thousand memory because i'm not sure if i still have a chance to be like tonight for the next weekend.. i've heard that i've been chosen to join the NO_IDEA_WHAT_PROGRAM at Semuji Resort at 2nd March until 4th March 2012.. wasting time posting this blog early in the morning and in the same time spending time reading facts about Mr.Alkane and Mr Benzene but i'm not sure either Mr Alkene could be nice to me or not since he has been so busy managing his 'mechanism'.. so i give it a try to understand what is he going to tell me actually..

that what matriculation student memorizing all the facts..
1M1S1a was the first class among all the Modul I  student in science's course.. but it doesn't mean we lead all the thing.. no ! don't mistaken my word.. here i'm going to say that i'd proud to be in the first class with the very great people.. now i'm struggling to achieve a successful result for the future in PSPM II.. 4 FLAT is the only thing that appears in my wide space of mind for this second semester since i'd almost got that result for last final exam but what can i do cause there is only ALLAH ALMIGHTY.. now i'm going to show all of you the secret how to stand our eyes from being close before the perfect time for that.. everyone couldn't stand their eyes for long once it has set in our that our body need some rest.. prepared 5 bottle of vitagen,1 cup of calcium"s yogurt,salted roasted almond and an apple.. all this thing may make you stay up all night long..                              

Feb 24, 2012

miss one ! say bye !

this quality of guy that i've been waiting for.....,

1.always be there when i'm in trouble 
2.knows everything that cross in my mind
3.grab my hand and hold it for the whole day when i was tired of walking
4.asking whether i'm fine or not and said that "your not because i'm not there to look after you".
5.warm me with his sweater 
6.listen to me while i'm singing and ask me not to stop singing
7.hear me with his favourite song that somehow relate to me
8.knows my genre without asking me"what is your favourite song?"
9.drive me all night long while i sleep at the passenger seat
10.wipe out my tears and say "you deserve to smile for your entire life"
11.treat me my favourite foods without asking me "what would you like to order,my dear?"YUCKSS!
12.surprised me with sumthing everytime we meet
***13.say that "i missed you" even you have sent me home about 2 minutes ago
14.brings me to a very secret place and said that "this place is going to be ours" where no one know
15.let me drive his car because he trust me
16.text me every single second even he know i will only reply for all the text 2 days later
17.willing to be by my side all the time when i'm not feeling well
18.tied up my shoe laces without asking him to do so
19.look upon my eyes whenever we talk
20.never stop me to hang out with all of my boyfriend

this quality of guy is hard to find since one of this list is not completed by one guy it is considered failed.. its sound quite insane and doesn't make any sense but this is the fact.. the truth is i'm not waiting!not looking!not searching for any guy because this list cannot be complete by any guy out there.. back off!! single life is better no one can condemn me if i want to have a date with a different guy in the same day..!!

Feb 6, 2012


we will never get something that we really want without doing anything.. even a lil' something at least we've tried  and its better than nothing..
early in the morning with a sound of cricket out of my window where everybody still on their bed having a dream and wait till the the sunrise but i still watching at this bright screen just to filled a form for a further study through the upu online.. and this is the result since my eyes had tried really hard to stand and keep going until i've finished the last pages of that form.. quite hard to make a choice of all the courses that have provided by many different unversities..

thank you ! thank you ! thank you !

what the awesome night before i've gone to matric and leave this town where i'd found most of my life here..
the hardest part in my life is to leave my toasty and all his friends here more than a miles away from me ! i'll never could done this if not just one reason that is for my future and glory of my life and also for my religious.. trying really hard to achieve a success..

and now i've felt so sleepy my eyes no longer could stand whenever my head turned to the right where my fluffy pillow layed down on the perfect,comfort bed  makes me feel like there's no more sun to rise for tomorrow.. AARGGHH !

okey i'm fine with that just focus on our entry..!!
a guy who owned red's FORD FIESTA had drive me to every place where we could hang out and shared our story all night long.. the date but not really a "date" begin when i've got a phone called from 017XXXXXXX and named AIZAT HIDAYAT.. then we've talked asking where's your coordinate and telling mine and there we've meet each other and having a dinner at very perfect place named CROCODILE ROCK.. beef bolognese and ribena be the menu that i'm going to eat at that time and he choose to have fish 'n' chip all together with apple juice to complete the menu.. eat,talk,drink and laugh..
tup,tup !
we're here at the place where we could catch for a movie.. JOURNEY TO THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND is our late night movie.. then,he drive me home and now i've gotta go,my pillow had called for my name
*wait i'm coming,i'm coming ! okey guys tengs for spending time to read for this entry.. zzZzzZZ

Feb 5, 2012

turned another 1 year

bufday cakes from my roomates
tengs guys ! (21 november 2011)
already eight_teen !
and i will ended my teens age this year and that's bad..
getting old makes me getting tired of making a decision.. there's too many thing that need our commitment so we will be more matured and learned to be more independent..
but,the question now can i get through all that..?
SHAFIRAH ROSLI is the kind of girl that never ever know what is the meaning of GIVE UP.. surely she can..!! in her life there is only one thing that could makes her down"she lost her relationship with ALLAH".. other than that will never could brings her down..for last 5 months she has been crying all day long just because of guy that she said she will never drop even a tears for that person.. but she did and she totally lost on the day she had lost him.. this is because of one feel that never last..
LOVE is the thing that makes people lost everything even they thought that they had owned this world once they've got love.. people will never satisfied with the things that they had just because of life that always brings a new thing..
NOW she have to move on with her life without a boy that care about her that loves her with his whole heart and always asking whether she is in the right condition or not.. another year that have been added to her age makes her be more independent and think positively no matter how hard the life brings to her.. left all the pain that she had yesterday behind her way and never turned back and looks to long at the closed door..
HAPPINESS is a thing that she need to find in her life and she know that she deserved to get that for her entire life.. no more tears of regret that could wet off her cheek and no more scars that could bleed her heart..
this is the promise to life that she will never ever regret of the things that ALLAH had gave it for her to try and have a chance to make a move for better life and be a great person..

Feb 4, 2012

once cut,twice grows

a story about this long hair..
extra long hair for a busy student like me is hard to manage..
wake up early in the morning having a shower then have to spend about more than 15 minutes to dry up this maxy hair.. its take to much time just to focus to one thing..

NO ! NO ! NO !
this is cannot be ! i cannot wasting my time just to care about my hair.. there's lot of thing to think about rather than just think about this hair.. I DO love my hair, I DO want a perfect hair, I DO want my hair always stay in place but this is not a perfect time for all that.. i will give my 100% attention to my hair right after i finished my contract with matriculation as their student..

live without soapy T_T

more than one week i live without him and this is totally unacceptable..
i still can live without anyone but i cannot live without you my dear.. since you've been in 'hospital' i can feel that my life is so empty..there's no one could filled this emptiness.. no one can !

i looking for you every single second..,
there will always brings me back to you and it's never take to long no matter how hard i've tried i still can feel you here.. please,GET WELL SOON ! 
i need you to be here right by my side,seriously i've lost start from the day i'd lost you.. 
i know sooner you'll back to me but right now i really need you but there's nothing could be done as long as you still not in a good condition..
every single second i always searching for you even i know you are not and never be here for this moment but i want you to know that i always mention for your name in every words i'd said.. this showed how much i miss you.. i've never learned to live without you before and this is because you are the one who taught me not to live without you.. and now i'm breathless..!! 

give but don't TAKE

the title seem not related to my entry for this moment in the blessing saturday evening where people spend most of their time walking around outside their house rather than being at home..
i also have no idea why it haven't cross in my mind to be at downtown like i used to be during last weekend.. maybe...,
there's nothing could be done at downtown unless wasting my time looking at the people that mind their own business and holding hands with their partner.. its totally killing me since now i live on my own without no one care about me unless my parents that's just if they care if they don't still all alone without no one.. having a dream on becoming a DRAMA QUEEN is a thought that never have their ending because once the sun appears and brighten the whole universe all of my dream will disappears to the sky as the clouds are marching along and the birds are singing a song just like they do and a piece of my new life begin..

let me talk about the thing that just happen in my life for this while..
***2 second ago
***2 hours ago
***2 days ago
***2 weeks ago
***2 month ago
not a usual things that always happened to me in my whole life..
lost the person that i love and when i'm look after him he said that he have tried to find me but there's no where place that could found me since i've remove him from my friend list.. from that i'd realized that he no longer need me and love me.. telling me that you have someone else that could replaced me in your heart makes me speechless for thousand words.. ALLAH have gave me a chance to know him but why must He tooks him aways from my life when i'm started to really love him.. life do so unfair but when i've look beyond that faith i knew that our heart is not owned by anyone but its own by ALLAH.. whenever i'd lost i'll come to ALLAH.. He knows everything because ALLAH ALMIGHTY..