Feb 4, 2012

once cut,twice grows

a story about this long hair..
extra long hair for a busy student like me is hard to manage..
wake up early in the morning having a shower then have to spend about more than 15 minutes to dry up this maxy hair.. its take to much time just to focus to one thing..

NO ! NO ! NO !
this is cannot be ! i cannot wasting my time just to care about my hair.. there's lot of thing to think about rather than just think about this hair.. I DO love my hair, I DO want a perfect hair, I DO want my hair always stay in place but this is not a perfect time for all that.. i will give my 100% attention to my hair right after i finished my contract with matriculation as their student..

live without soapy T_T

more than one week i live without him and this is totally unacceptable..
i still can live without anyone but i cannot live without you my dear.. since you've been in 'hospital' i can feel that my life is so empty..there's no one could filled this emptiness.. no one can !

i looking for you every single second..,
there will always brings me back to you and it's never take to long no matter how hard i've tried i still can feel you here.. please,GET WELL SOON ! 
i need you to be here right by my side,seriously i've lost start from the day i'd lost you.. 
i know sooner you'll back to me but right now i really need you but there's nothing could be done as long as you still not in a good condition..
every single second i always searching for you even i know you are not and never be here for this moment but i want you to know that i always mention for your name in every words i'd said.. this showed how much i miss you.. i've never learned to live without you before and this is because you are the one who taught me not to live without you.. and now i'm breathless..!! 

give but don't TAKE

the title seem not related to my entry for this moment in the blessing saturday evening where people spend most of their time walking around outside their house rather than being at home..
i also have no idea why it haven't cross in my mind to be at downtown like i used to be during last weekend.. maybe...,
there's nothing could be done at downtown unless wasting my time looking at the people that mind their own business and holding hands with their partner.. its totally killing me since now i live on my own without no one care about me unless my parents that's just if they care if they don't still all alone without no one.. having a dream on becoming a DRAMA QUEEN is a thought that never have their ending because once the sun appears and brighten the whole universe all of my dream will disappears to the sky as the clouds are marching along and the birds are singing a song just like they do and a piece of my new life begin..

let me talk about the thing that just happen in my life for this while..
***2 second ago
***2 hours ago
***2 days ago
***2 weeks ago
***2 month ago
not a usual things that always happened to me in my whole life..
lost the person that i love and when i'm look after him he said that he have tried to find me but there's no where place that could found me since i've remove him from my friend list.. from that i'd realized that he no longer need me and love me.. telling me that you have someone else that could replaced me in your heart makes me speechless for thousand words.. ALLAH have gave me a chance to know him but why must He tooks him aways from my life when i'm started to really love him.. life do so unfair but when i've look beyond that faith i knew that our heart is not owned by anyone but its own by ALLAH.. whenever i'd lost i'll come to ALLAH.. He knows everything because ALLAH ALMIGHTY..