Jan 1, 2012


many sound that we've heard while watching for a people that waiting for a countdown..
for sure there are lots of people waiting for this moment thought that it happened once a year.celebrating like there is no tomorrow was waiting and kissing like there is no one around and hugging like you are the only couple that still stick until new year..HELLO ! i'm here all alone obviously single feel sick watching you've done that in front of me.. my eyes can't barely stand for that..

*it's the thing that happen during NEW YEAR EVE..
whatsoever !
since we already enter to a new year,new number and new age so there are lot of things that we should think about.. responsible are getting bigger,burden are getting harder and this make my life lil'bit complicated..
no matter what happen,how hard life is,how strong a challenge is "LIFE MUST BE GO ON"..
new year we should breath in with a new soul and blow out the old one.. gudbye 2011 and say hello to 2012 

this entry is not to welcome the year of 2012 but the purpose is only to share how me and my closest friend name farsha celebrate our NEW YEAR..

**the story begin...,
me and farsha meet at our best port then we walk down the hall and up the road and we reached at our first place called east coast mall then we decided to catch a movie and finally we up with a title start with the very nonsense story the DARKEST HOUR..you will regret if u choose for this one..!!!
stupidest movie i've ever watched..opss,bfore i forgot actually there is one place that attracted us to spend our time bfore our movie begin is the bestest home-made coffee that is STARBUCK COFFEE.. it is raining out there so why not we have a short break bfore we live our whole night long with a grande size JAVA CHIP with CARAMEL topping on top of it.. 
take our time at the place where we could smell a fresh roasted coffee bean and now you know what's angel drink..then,we moved to the place where we can rest our body for a while and watching for a false movie.. no matter how SUCKSS that movie is we still chill ourself since we know our aim to spend time with better than didn't know where to go.. rite after we done with our movie we pointing to the next destination called MEGAMALL heard there is a countdown for NEW YEAR EVE CELEBRATION organised by DIGI.. from 80 metres apart we could see that there are billion of people waiting for that moment.. for us that is not a matter since we're not pointing there to celebrating the new year but both of us want to having fun together..bowling is a main aim for us on that time..then,we booked for the 23 lane and we've started our game..pung,pang,pung,pang..the winner is me and i made it to take down 79 pin all together.. huraayy for me..
5,4,3,2 and 1...,HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY !! finally so long 2011 and hello 2012.. new number,new digit,new life and new inspiration.. its all about new me..!! nothing else that could describe how wonderful i feel for this new year.. I FEEL BLESSED.. craping around since my eyes didn't get enough sleep and lack of rest my mind also affected by this hormone that makes me type anything that i think it is related to this post.. okey that's all for now.. gudnite