Jul 20, 2013

quite fast for fasting

since this is my first entry for Ramadhan so i need to make thing sound simple..
i can't believe that i have to get through the fasting month away from home. Can't barely thinking how and why is it happening.. I mean yeaa i still 19 and yet need to live on my own or "independent" ways. 
I still couldn't adapt with the environment,with the people around but it doesn't mean i need to complaint for every single minute. 

maybe I really need to learn,learn on how to make things better and interesting instead of standing and staring..
I believe I can do this..!
I've got choices but then i chose to be here for reasons and why didn't I live in it ?

too many complaint..! 

i have to stop complaining ! I had read one fact said that "to compare those who complaint more tend not to have a high level of stress rather than those who didn't". and now i don't think its a fact,I think its a myth some sort of invalid studied. 

maybe i need to change,change the way i think,the way i act and the way i tried but it doesn't means that I'm going to change myself.. NO ! I just fine with me and i please myself first in everything before everyone does and before i please people. already second semester and got another 8 more semester to go. I need to be strong enough to walk on the street,to climb up the stairs because life need me to explore,it needs me to stand for it instead of giving up.

Jul 7, 2013

first step

here comes the Sunday !
the day that i should spend enjoying my frappuccino instead of staying home and doing the assignment but yet i "enjoy" doing it with no reason actually. 
yeah last night i slept at 4 and woke up at 11 just for assignment.
it was an assignment at first but after more than three hours i spend to decorate it, I dont really think it was just an assignment. artistic works !

making the "POSTER" for nutrition and metabolism's seminar that i need to submit it by tomorrow.
i started to find for the point at 12 and just now 5.30 pm it officially done and complete.! 

this is the result and thanks to posterwall ! i need a short break like nowww ! gtg

Jul 5, 2013

last expectation and first destination

Friday for the first week of July.
everything goes right for this while but not expecting something bad to happen just thankful that there's no awful thing come around. 
Feels very tired because of mini test and End-Of-Module examination in the same week with just two days gap in between it. I "need" like "HAVE TO" chill on as I already forced my spongy to absorb and think but gave no enough rest during night. I'm sorry ! 
maybe in the future it will understand what is the main point of treating it this way..

since it is Friday lets say thanks :

1.to Allah for the sustenance 
2.to Allah for giving me a chance to live again
3. to Allah for gave me perfect air to breath in
4. to Allah for taking a good care of me
5. to Allah for borrowed me my parents
6. to Allah cause I live as Muslim
7.to Allah for ease everything

most blessing day of the week goes to Friday where there's no other days felt the same like Friday.