Jun 25, 2012

less than 12 hours

half a day time for me to get downtown and get to know what happen around me..
seem like not much changes just the way it is..
nothing we as kuantanese get if we spend our lifetime living here..
but i've got this..

memory of photos

a long day with her
something got to boost from this mind but seem nothing else left

real journal !

this is the real things i had been through in my whole life..
waking up quite early in the morning,taking a shower and put on my working outfit..
what a bored life..!
i only got one day in a week for my own..
rarely meet my friends to hang along like i did before..
work,work and work !
i miss my old life were i had something useful to think off and do something fun for myself not like now i don't even had enough time for my own.. sometime i skip my breakfast and sometime i skip my early sleep time..
even more worse than my life at matriculation bfore..

at least i had enough sleep but now i only spend 4~5 hours a day for sleep..
that is not a good sign for my health..
my eyes look just like a PANDA and its so unacceptable