May 16, 2012

got sumthing to be given out !

Thank You ALLAH..
12 days been working from 10 o'clock in the morning till midnight..
i had earn RM 400++
and yesterday evening i had spend a few of it for sumthing special for someone special..
not much word to say just want to express the impress..

green color handbag by POLO
words printed wallet by RUCINI
lovely TRENDY ME perfume by SILKY GIRL
big gift box by MISS T


the earth is spinning makes the time is moving and our life goes as it is..
unconsciously we living in this end of century but never thought how many years more for this little world will end its day..
being love with someone make us be much more confident to stay on with our own life but fall in love couldn't guarantee us to be in right feeling all the time because the person that we thinking of still not ours until we have a confident to speak of our feeling..
then,it is what we call a risk !
we like someone and it doesn't mean the person we like will feel the same..
we will never get the luck in everything we do because its more to faith..
i'm wondering when my life will be  as lucky as the one who had owned everything in their life at my age.. why i'm not chosen to be one of them..
when someone want to know me it will never last..
i have no idea which part did i missed..?!
i need a strength to breath in right,
i need someone that appreciate my existence other than my own family and close friend,
i need a shoulder where i could borrow when i'm in need, 
i need one arms to catch me whenever and wherever i fall
i need the one who knows when i cry because i'm a type of person who will cry on my own and be in silent when i'm in trouble..
but i believe the time will come and he will realize that i was around without speak a word of mine..