May 12, 2011

seranggup donut big APPLE

actully the title seem doesn't mean anything for the story this morning Ahh !just ignore it..since i already resigned from my work seem there is nothing left to do with my 24 hours live every single day..just go on with my blogging world and updating my facebook account..even it's such an fucking idiot due to doing such a same thing every minutes but never count per second thought it might be one of the most funniest history for my future talking..Quite bored but there's a lot of thing that i can explore from here so when i think it twice just straightly go with it ! i should be ready fit with my work uniform at this time if i still working but now i'm not ANYMORE..
my mum and my sissy have gone to somewhere place that i also have no idea but they go just to settle all of my matriculation stuff..WITHOUT ME ! but i felt very grateful because i can spend most of my time at home before i fly to my campus*bajek university
i have see all of my form and it's many of them that i have to fill up before the registration day..
when i mention about matriculation my heart sudden beating strongly and i also have no idea why or maybe it is too scary..but i'm not gonna make this scareness bite every angle of my spirit to achieve all of my result with flying wonderful colour..*since when spirit have angle..?!

last ever make !

yesterday was my last day as one of the member's of GSC..
so a dozen of donuts as a reward..
actually it's quite hard to left my work but what can i do study is the most important things ever..resignation letter is already complete and now just said goodbye..
don't have to much idea to build such a great essay but still can be use as a summaries..that's all !