May 15, 2011

teh tarik & M.U.F.F.I.N

weekend special meal for me !
hang out with my closest ex-classmate..introduce arab yusry ! we go with our first step to golden screen cinema to take my salary because according to weekly calender today should be my most enjoyable day due to the salary but it doesn't go that way.. miss chia is not there she took a leave.. i don't get it why must today.. last2 i take my own time on crapping in this bloggy about what the hell am i get through half day for today..

berjalan tanpa segan silu dengan megahnya memakai silk boot menaiki escalator mencari2 tempat untuk meletakkan lappy-doppy dengan tujuan sentiasa berada dalam garisan*stay on-line..makanan pertama untuk hari ini saat ini merupakan BUTTERMILK + ICED TEH TARIK create by : ROTIBOY TRADING then decide to have a seat at the outside of the cafe sebagai tujuan menghirup udara luar*pdhl indoor mmg xde table !
ambik keputusan untuk memilih tempat yg berkonsepkan buluh tapi malangnya table tu bukan kepunyaan RB alik2 kne halau dengan kata2 :

NS staff : adik x boleh duduk sni manager sy marah..*bajek mahal starbuck international pnye pon x de selok mcm ka tu !

dengan perasaan malu + bolok beransur pergi ke cafe seterusnya yg bergelar STARBUCK..memandangkan bahana matahari memancarkan cahaya yg terik gelepor order one of their menu semate-mate nk duduk dalam..*konon panas..tu larh dress up bajek WINTER'S SEASON kan da cari penyakit ! dengan jasa yg x termakan oleh LOW FAT CARROT AND APPLE MUFFIN dapat jgk duduk tempat air cond.. bru seronok sket..semangat sikit nk bergossip.. last2 skrng stay kat sini.. *muffin takut nk mkn klu habis nunti kne halau.. pretend larh online,curik WIFI..

late N.I.T.E. story telling

lately i'm always stay all nite long..
sumtime pukul 7 pg bru ingat nk tido..tau larh da grow up tp teenagers should had enough x pe kan live all the night hang out with my dearest frend at my favourite places before i gone to university..paan listen here ! no matter what happen i will never forget our always be by my side when i need sumone to talk to..ily larh BFF ! you have teach me a lot about life..even i'm not here after this but my soul still here..

almost every night awak spend time dengan saya even awk ngantok the next day awk masuk pagi but you still stay with me till morning.. tenkiu dear !

U life..,
it's quite scare to feel such a new life with a lot of grown up people..but i want to experience such that beautiful life that there's no second change for that moment..even i have to left my world behind to start with a new one but i never let a last piece of my life's puzzle gone just like that..maybe i juz kept that as a memory deep in my heart..

the most important day that i'm waiting for.. registration day !on this day i have to forget my past live on my own and get through this challenging life alone..what's the thing that going through in my mind at this time is 'am i going to be sumone very best frend ?' my stuffs are already brought but still not complete ! not packing yet ! tomorrow i'll finished all of that so i'm be more ready for HIGHER LIFE..