Jan 14, 2014

we're going to London ?

I am not sure either it is a rumour or a kinda good news for AUCMS medical degree student. After it was officially announced by the founder and president of AUCMS that he already paid some RM146 million for the 21ha property in the green lung of one of Europe's most cosmopolitan cities.

and they said we're going to be the first batch who get the chance to experience the environment by ourself,I think I'm about to jump right now actually. From the source that can be trusted,I've heard that we're going to survive for 6 months there,means for one semester. Those who under MARA scholarship will given extra allowence for the whole 6 months.  
"Zainuddin was enthusiastic about the project, saying that having a campus in London would allow Malaysian students to broaden their horizons by studying overseas."
(source : The Sun paper)

 that's all I know for now and will keep myself updated for more information in future as news not always be the same for all the time.