Oct 18, 2015

keeping the momentum

Hello October..! Hei people..!

October is such a cool month isn't it..? or maybe its just me the only one who think that October is "trying" to be nice to me. What made me said that is because its already 18th October and I am still single. Okay I'm not complaining.! Besides I'm not looking for a boyfriend why should I talk about it. Enough with October.. Okay October you can keep going till the end of your life just I need you to be a bit hurry,please. *begging face*

OMG..! clinical year I am in now..!
This is the most interesting topic to throw craps about in my post for this time. so yeah be prepared people..! Okay first of all Thanks Allah for this big thing. This is more than enough to ask as a medical student besides to pass in every exam or mini tiny and little test.

Kids..! Little creatures which I don't even know how handle especially when they're crying,screaming,jumping,running around or in other words "home run" and the most irritating part about them is that when they want to play with your gadget. Hey tiny human please realised that you're tiny and you don't even know how to swipe the phone screen to unlock. Maybe your toys are way more exciting than our iPhone or iPad or anything. Omygadd..! I really don't understand why must they get attracted with those gadgets when their toys like Playdoh, Lego, that tiny hotwheels cars, colorful rattles and too many to state in here since this post is not about introducing people of kids toys.

yeahh..! Here we come the real discussion about my first clinical posting. Peadiatrics department. In my batch we've been divided into 5 groups and different group went to different posting so that's the reason why I started with Peadiatric posting. At first we were very blurred like totally lost. We walked in to the Peadiatrics ward in Manjung hospital and just able to smile and acting cool.. We're trying to look cool when in our mind there was a mixed in thought at that time, but who cares right..? I only stick with these three people from the beginning till the end of peadiatrics posting. They are a coolest bunch of genius I would like to finish my third year with. The whole third year, until surgery posting, our last posting. I'm hoping for it..! but if we're not meant to be in the same group again for the next posting its okay,I guess..

erkk..! my laptop is about to drain out of battery and I forgot to bring the adapter.. and it is the most shitty thing ever happened. why can't gadget"s battery life stays forever. Come on..! kids love you gadget.. :/